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Increase county government responsiveness, efficiency, and transparency.

Goal: Improve the quality and availability of county services for upcountry residents.


  • Continue to be accessible to local residents: hold regular office hours and periodic town hall meetings in District 3, attend and report at community meetings, and continue to keep citizens informed with regular e-mails.
  • Continue my work to bring county services to District 3, beginning with veterans’ services.
  • Develop a program to train existing county employees as departmental customer service advocates to help citizens navigate the county bureaucracy.
  • Develop a new, user-friendly county website.
  • Install a live video-streaming system for county board of supervisors’ meetings so that upcountry residents can stay informed without having to drive to Jackson or listen to poor-quality audio online.
  • Hold a county board of supervisors’ evening meeting once a month, rotating among all five districts to allow citizens better access to their elected representatives.
  • Establish a citizens’ redistricting committee ahead of the 2020 census so that we can begin to determine whether existing supervisorial district boundaries serve our communities well.

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Committee to Reelect Lynn Morgan for Supervisor D3 2018 • FPPC# 1399670
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