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Build a stronger local economy with more family-wage jobs.

Goal: Expand the number and types of businesses in the upcountry and strengthen existing businesses to create more local services and good-paying jobs.


  • Actively engage local residents in the development of the town center plans for Pine Grove and Buckhorn with a focus on locally owned small businesses.
  • Partner with the Upcountry Business Association to help it grow and thrive.
  • Now that the county has rejoined the Central Sierra Economic Development District, ensure the district develops a strong economic development plan that will help local businesses.
  • Work with my fellow supervisors to hire a county grant writer, who can bring in needed funds to help local businesses grow. Placer County has benefited greatly from this approach.
  • Continue to support Amador College Connect as it expands higher education opportunities for local residents. Support local career technical education as well as students heading to college.
  • Work with the schools, state and federal agencies, the Amador County Fire Safe Council and others to create a forest jobs academy for high school students so they can learn about forest-related careers, similar to the health care academy at Sutter Amador Hospital. As we restore local forests and reduce fire risk, there will be jobs for equipment operators, foresters, surveyors, scientists, fire technicians and many others.
  • Implement the new county general plan, direct economic development to our town centers in Buckhorn and Pine Grove, and focus on supporting locally owned small businesses.
  • Support the growth and expansion of the Upcountry Business Association.

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