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When Lynn was elected she was assigned to the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Joint Powers Board of Directors. This board oversees ambulance services. I have over 30 years of EMS experience. I found Lynn a quick understudy who was also attentive and receptive to my experience and advice. Lynn is thoughtful and conscientious regarding her duties representing Amador County. It is my pleasure to assign my endorsement for Lynn Morgan, Supervisor Amador County. — Al Lennox, Sutter Creek
President of American Legion Post 108 Ambulance Service 

There are times you observe someone that encourages your faith in people. I observed Lynn well before she ran for office. Giving her time....standing by her word, listening and learning...and keeping the ball rolling towards a goal when others were 'too busy' (as many of us are a lot of times). We need that person who doesn't contribute for glory...but because she loves this upcountry we all do. We need her strength..and integrity..and her open nature that benefits us all. — Tom Hinkley, Pioneer

As a fourth generation farmer, I endorse Lynn for her leadership and grass roots approach working with our agricultural industry. — Jim Spinetta, Plymouth

I worked with Lynn on her Morgan Tree Fund Committee, which she generously started with her own money to help needy seniors remove hazard trees on their property. I saw that Lynn is committed to fire safety and the well-being of the citizens of Amador County. She is tireless in representing her constituents. Please join me in supporting Lynn's re-election as District 3 supervisor. — Mike Kirkley, Sutter Creek
Retired CalFire Asst. Chief & Registered Professional Forester

I have lived and worked in Amador County for over 30 years. Over her first term, Lynn Morgan worked to serve ALL of the residents of District 3 in a respectful, professional, and thoughtful manner. She is dedicated and works hard to maintain and improved the quality of life for all of Amador County. I strongly endorse her candidacy for District 3 Supervisor. — Lori Jagoda, Pine Grove
Director of Nursing, WellSpace Health

Lynn has worked tirelessly and effectively for the Kirkwood area and the Route 88 areas of Amador County. As a Board member of the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District, we appreciate everything Lynn has done and heartily endorse her reelection. — Standish O'Grady, Kirkwood

I'm a retired physician who fell in love with Amador County and moved to Volcano six years ago. I feel very fortunate to live in the district that Lynn represents on our County Board of Supervisors. She's been incredibly energetic and proactive in soliciting input from her constituents in order to formulate and advocate for practical solutions to the issues that face us. While working hard to achieve solutions that are in the county's best interests overall, she never forgets the unique concerns of her constituents who live upcountry. Even more important, Lynn has been diligent in informing us of the workings of the Board and the issues that come before it. Lynn has listened to my concerns and educated me on the issues. She's an example of the best of our representative democracy in action. In my opinion, Lynn Morgan has been an outstanding District 3 Supervisor and I strongly support her re-election. — Robin Field, Volcano
Retired Physician

Lynn Morgan is someone who still has heart and soul while holding a seat in County Government. Lynn holds true to her word and fights the Good Ol' Boy system that has plagued this County for way too long! Lynn stands for the rights of those who have mental illness and those who are homeless, though one person can’t solve these issues alone. Lynn does her best and has helped many people. Lynn got a grant approved for seniors in need to have yard debris removed. Lynn Morgan is someone who truly cares about the people of this County, not only her district. — Christopher Medeiros, Pioneer

Lynn Morgan is a dedicated and hard-working supervisor for her constituents in District 3. She is keenly aware of the needs of her district and is always available to address any concerns her constituents and residents may have. I wholeheartedly support her re-election as Supervisor of District 3! — Gale Fairbrother, Novato

Lynn has made local government more transparent and accessible. She has provided email reports on the Board of Supervisors’ meetings, not only for her constituents but for anyone who signs up. She also holds upcountry office hours and is working to have BOS meetings in different districts of Amador County. Thank you, Lynn. — Melene Smith, Sutter Creek
Real Estate Broker, Retired Marriage and Family Therapist

Lynn has brought a civility to the Board that had been lacking. She helps constituents negotiate the complexities of the County bureaucracy and is always responsive to requests for assistance. As a retired chief of the CalFire’s Amador El Dorado Unit and former Amador County Fire Warden, I have worked with many past Boards of Supervisors. Lynn is one of the hardest working and most helpful supervisor I have met. — Jim Simmons, Pine Grove
Retired Chief, CalFire Amador-El Dorado Unit, Former Amador County Fire Warden

I fully support Lynn in her campaign for re-election. I knew her prior to her election to the BOS and have followed her work since. I served on the Lockwood FPD Board and worked closely with her on issues of importance to Lockwood and to the residents of Amador County, and I can unconditionally state that she is the best person for this difficult and demanding job. She works tirelessly to represent her constituents. — James Snoke, San Andreas
Former Lockwood Fire Protection District Board Member

I fully support Lynn Morgan as Amador County Supervisor. I believe she has brought a new level of integrity and participatory governance to the leadership in our County. — Steve Bonner, Volcano
Past President, Amador Fire Safe Council

I've known Lynn for about 4 years, during her tenure as District 3 Supervisor. I've been impressed with Lynn's fairness and tenacity, especially in helping residents during the bark beetle epidemic and resultant hazard trees. I believe Lynn will continue to represent the residents of Amador County well if re-elected. — Jan Bray, Jackson

Lynn Morgan is an exemplary County Supervisor, who has raised the bar for what a person in that position can give to her constituents. Lynn's approachability, her responsiveness, her respect for others, and her superb way of communicating the Board agenda and local issues, makes her a model to follow for those currently in office and those running for this position. I live in another district where a new candidate has this same potential to transform the office of County Supervisor as Lynn has achieved. Kudos to Lynn Morgan for her hard work and willingness to continue to give so much of herself to Amador County. — Elaine Zorbas, Plymouth
Local Historian and Author

Lynn Morgan is by far the best supervisor we had for many years. — George Erdosh, Pine Grove
Former Food Columnist for Upcountry News

Lynn Morgan has been a vital move ahead for Amador County and for all of its residents . She acts with intelligence, honor, and respect. I appreciate her personal efforts for all of her constituents, and I hope that she occupies her seat on our Supervisorial Board for a long long time. — Cathleen Berglund, Amador City
Lynn has been a responsive, communicative Supervisor. She has kept us abreast of important events in the county as well as advising us of decisions made by the Amador Board of Supervisors. We like and appreciate this transparency and openness toward all of us as Amador County citizens so that we can carefully consider issues. Thanks, Lynn! I know so much more about what is going on in Amador County than I did before you were elected! — Armen Kendig, Pine Grove

Lynn has brought civility and respect back to the Board of Supervisors. She supports the Upcountry citizens and businesses and is especially conscious of our senior population and their needs. Lynn understands the importance of fire protection and defensible space, and is a fierce defender our beautiful community. I am honored to have Lynn as a colleague. — Cathy Koos Breazeal, Volcano
Past Executive Director, Amador Fire Safe Council

During my 23 years of living in District 3, Lynn has been the only supervisor to respond to my concerns and queries. She takes the time to listen, research both sides of an issue and render a decision based on fact rather than emotion or “because it’s always been done like that". She has committed to making our government transparent and responsive to the needs of ALL. I fully support Lynn and ask that my District 3 neighbors participate in our democratic process and vote for Lynn also. — S. Woody Wray, Pioneer
Retired Health Care Professional

Lynn is an effective leader for District 3 —I’ve seen this in her initiatives to respond to the Butte Fire, tree mortality and road safety by working with companies, individuals and agencies. Lynn is accessible, thoughtful, respectful and committed to preserving our quality of life in Amador County. I fully support her for re-election as District 3 Supervisor. — J. Gobershock, Pioneer
Retired Manager, Oil & Gas Industry

In her first term in office Lynn has demonstrated a real concern for not only her constituents in District 3, but for all the residents of Amador County. She has fought for better services and resources for citizens, and has sought out funding to help provide these. She is willing to speak truth to power and that gives hope to many that there are better times ahead for Amador County. — Kelly Trottier, Pine Grove
Past President and Present Board Member MAMI Amador, Past President AAUW, Board Member Operation Care

Lynn Morgan has never failed to respond to us -- no matter what. She is in touch with her constituents and willing to go to bat for us and for our concerns. She genuinely cares about Amador County and the issues that face us. — Karin Heikkila, Volcano

Lynn Morgan is an inspiring leader with the interests of our county in her heart. She is hard working and inclusive. We need her to continue her leadership on the Board. — Bob Hartmann & Mel Welsh, Pine Grove
Local Physician & Former Amador County Public Health Officer
Registered Nurse, Sutter Amador Health Foundation Board Member

My family (including myself, my husband, 3 children and 8 grandchildren) have lived in Amador County for 40 years and in all 5 Districts. Lynn Morgan understands the needs of families, small business owners, and the special needs of seniors. I am a retired Attorney, a part-time Administrative Law Judge (mental Health) and a vineyard/winery owner. My husband just retired from practicing optometry in Amador County for 38 years. We both have worked with Lynn Morgan on issues that involve Amador County and have found her to be extremely capable, a great communicator, and diligent. She has a strong education and background in agriculture & business, which is exactly what Amador County needs.


— Marilyn K. Hoopes & Todd Pickens, Plymouth
Retired Attorney and Retired Optometrist, Vineyard/Winery Owners

Lynn has worked hard for all her constituents and has the best interests of the whole county in her heart and mind. I appreciate how she engages the community, resources, other agencies and stakeholders in creating positive changes. — Susan Ross, Sutter Creek
Retired school teacher of 32 years in Amador County, current school board member
This is a personal endorsement, not related to public office

Lynn Morgan has been an environmental advocate for upcountry and whether or not "you" consider yourself an environmentalist, I believe that all of us that live upcountry are in part here because of our surroundings...We value our lifestyle and we value where we live. Lynn recognizes that.— Susan Stratton, Pioneer

I'm delighted to see how energetically she has tackled the many issues that challenge residents of District 3 and Amador County as a whole. — Marj Stuart, Pine Grove

I think you are doing a wonderful job. You are easy to reach and very responsive whenever I have a question. — Gerry Urka, Pioneer

I think Lynn Morgan has done an outstanding job of taking care of District 3, and an excellent job of staying accountable to her constituents. I urge your vote for her re-election. — Carolyn Overton, Pioneer

Lynn Morgan is an excellent communicator, verbally and written. She says what she believes and stands by her word. — Marsha Stinebaugh, Pioneer

You always get the job done and I appreciate your efforts. — John Sauer, Pioneer

Lynn has worked harder to help up-country residents than any D3 supervisor in memory. She is accessible and communicative, keeping us informed of Board of Supervisors actions and of news and events important to area residents. — John Burr, Pioneer

Lynn Morgan has done a terrific job on the Board of Supervisors and must be reelected. — Jeff Morgan, Pioneer
I have found Lynn to be reachable, willing to listen to all sides of the issues at hand, and to make informed decisions for the folks she represents. She has been a breath of fresh air compared to some longtime political representatives in the County. I look forward to Lynn being Board Chair this year, and I wholeheartedly endorse her re-election! I urge you as well to support Lynn if you have not before. We need more like her in office. Thank you, Lynn! — Jim Laughton, Jackson

Lynn has provided a much-needed voice to the board of Supervisors. I appreciate her frequent updates, accessibility and professionalism. — Judith Martini, Pioneer

I would like to wholeheartedly endorse Lynn Morgan for District 3 Supervisor. Although I do not live in her district, I seem to see her and hear of her everywhere. She is the most active and approachable supervisor I've ever known. She seems to be constantly working for her district, as well as for all of Amador County, bringing new ideas and new proposals to the public for the betterment of all. She is an amazingly energetic person, totally committed to helping her constituents. — Jan Clute, Jackson

Lynn Morgan has been a great Amador County Supervisor. She is a breath of fresh air: she listens to her constituents, represents our interests, protects the environment and is a progressive elected official who cares about the democratic process and the citizens of our mountain communities and their well being. She deserves our support. — Dr. Jim Armstead, Pioneer

Lynn has been an extremely pro-active and supportive supervisor for District 3. She makes time available to meet with her community, will listen to your concerns and finds the answers if they are not immediately available. She has demonstrated that the issues she supports have always been in the best interest of her district and Amador County. I supported Lynn in the last election and watching the time and energy she has committed since then has convinced me she is the best supervisor we could have! — Jan Migliaccio, Volcano
Retired Physical Therapist

Lynn Morgan works so hard for her constituents--and makes herself available via town halls and office hours around the District to hear what we have to say. I am so impressed by the leadership she has taken during her first term on issues of concern to all of us, ranging from bark beetle tree removal programs to gaining unanimous Board support for a strong resolution supporting nonviolence and tolerance in our community. We need her to continue her efforts and representing us so well in Amador County government. I strongly endorse her for re-election! — Meg Gottstein, Volcano
Retired Administrative Law Judge with CPUC

Lynn Morgan has personally helped me fix a street lamp on Hwy 88 and I was very happy to interview Ms. Morgan about saving our very important neighborhood grocery, IGA Payless. I truly believe she is the best candidate for our district. — Nancy Sues, Pioneer

Lynn works hard for her constituents and keeps them better informed than any Supervisor I've ever seen. — Nora Coryell, Jackson

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